The Importance of Holistic Nutrition

Holistic nutrition focuses on using the nutrients and energy found in organic, fresh, vibrant foods, rich with enzymes to power the body, mind and spirit so that it may thrive and live disease free. Over the last one hundred years food has changed dramatically. Shelf life became a topic of priority for many manufacturers and thus this created the ripple effect of processed foods. Chemicals were introduced for a multitude of reasons, but not until recently have we discovered what these chemicals do to our body, brain and inevitably our spirit. We are taking back control of our bodies and how we want our health and energy to feel.

Changing the way you eat, how you eat, what you eat, how you feel when you eat, when you cook a meal, and becoming aware of yourself in your body, mind and spirit becomes a constant goal to strive for. Through holistic nutrition, you become more aware of everything YOU, and it feels amazing!

Paying attention to your own individual biofeedback to determine what is best for your body is a crucial part of living a healthy life. We want the world in which we live to be a healthy balance of both Western and Eastern medicine. Food is arguably the most important thing you put into your body. The nutrients and enzymes it contains are essential for a long and healthy life.

Holistic nutrition changes the way you see everything for the better. We now know more about the things that we eat and how they affect us in a multitude of good and bad ways. It ultimately comes down to you gaining awareness for your own health, and making nutritional decisions that either prolong, enhance, or cut short your life. RootEmotive is merely a guide for you along your journey.

Arming ourselves with the information and guidance we need in order to grow into a healthy being is essential to enjoying life to its fullest. Embracing this new perspective through nutrition, is an enormous factor in truly being present and alive, while feeling abundant energy and joy. We really are what we eat, and there is a lot of conflicting information out there, so let RootEmotive be that guide for you!