The Reiki Connection

“How is Reiki connected to Holistic Nutrition?”
“How exactly would combining the two benefit me?”

Understanding this is to understand the concept of self-awareness. Holistic Nutrition feeds, heals and energizes your body, mind and spirit; the exact same thing goes for Reiki healing. Reiki involves your chakra energy and health, which affects every cell in your body, and is intimately intertwined with Holistic Nutrition. When both are healed, you can imagine how you will feel! The feeling is intensely energetic, it’s enveloping, vibrant, beautiful, humbling and peaceful all at the same time.

We absorb things every single day, some positive and some negative. Some of these things we absorb voluntarily, and others involuntarily. We are surrounded by, made up of and moved with energy. This energy comes from food, affects our chakras on a large scale and determines how we feel on a daily basis. Certain foods even correlate with the healing of specific chakras. Self-awareness, Holistic Nutrition and Reiki healing work together to remove the energies which no longer serve you, all while keeping the vibrant, healing energies that serve you for your highest and greatest good.

RootEmotive has the unique ability to help guide you into a healing of all body, mind and spirit energy. Let RootEmotive show you the way, and help you to grow into your higher-self!