Nutrition Pricing & Packages

What I currently offer:

FREE Initial Holistic Nutritional Phone Consultation

During your first 20 minute FREE phone consultation, you and I will discuss the level you choose for your nutrition therapy session(s) and how each will progress to a deeper look into your health, and provide you with an understanding of how to continue after your sessions.

Personal Food Shopper Assistance

Let me help you shop! I have a few tricks up my sleeve to help you choose organic versus non, keto and paleo friendly, or whatever it is you’re looking for help with. I can help you get into an educated, easy rhythm of choosing the best types of produce, eggs, dairy and/or non-dairy, organic vs. non-organic, meats, snacks, etc.

We can start with a free consultation to figure out what you’re looking for!

Pricing starts at $150 for all of the life long, helpful information! I will happily even go with you to the store to help guide you. This will help you choose the right foods for the rest of your life!

If you’d like to add on meal planning, I can do this as well (see below).

Meal Planning/Menu Preparation

I offer meal planning and menu prep. services as well! I can help you decide, with what you purchase, perfectly healthy, macro/micro proportioned meals for your days and nights. This can also include intermittent fasting schedules, as well as different preferred diet regimens such as keto and paleo. This will help you get into a rhythm for meal planning that you can keep forever. A free initial consultation is also included.

As an add-on to the personal shopping experience it would only cost you $45! Separate pricing starts at $200 for meal planning and/or menu prep. We can discuss all the details in person or over the phone so that we can prepare an easy to use guide for healthy meals!