Megs Bio

Megan moved to Colorado from North Carolina with her now husband Jay in the summer of 2010. She saw Colorado as an opportunity for change, growth and adventure. Uncharted adventures are what make Megan thrive. She believes that nothing great is easily gained, and that life is meant for living. No matter what happens, there is always a plan and a path.

She came to CO with a plan to continue with her BA degree in Anthropology and Archaeology with the Museum and Field Studies Master’s program at the University of Colorado Boulder. She became a Paleontology Lab volunteer at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science and was privileged enough to be invited to dig in the field in Snowmass, CO on the historic Mastodon site at Ziegler Reservoir in 2011 with the Denver Museum and National Geographic.

Her destiny however had other plans, one that included a path into the unknown world of energy medicine. In 2014 she decided to pursue her passion of nutrition and holistic healing at the Nutrition Therapy Institute in Denver, CO. When she graduated in 2017 her path with energy medicine began with Reiki.

Reiki, or ‘light work’ initially entered Megan’s life many years ago through working with massage therapists, but it kept coming back to her at different points over the years. After getting close to completing her Diploma at NTI, she decided to listen to all of the synchronicities and start the certification process for Reiki. Reiki not only helped Megan to overcome personal struggles, but also opened her up to a new and beautiful world, one that she was meant to be a part of. Megan has been providing Reiki therapy to many new and return clients for years now while watching her client’s energy evolve mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. Reiki has also been a perfect addition to Megan’s holistic nutritional therapy business as yet another form of healing the mind, body and spirit. Megan is currently completing her Reiki Master Teacher training and will soon be able to hold classes and certifications of her own in 2021.

Megan’s outlook on life is that you get back what you put in. Reiki is a wonderful and powerful healing addition to anyone’s life at any time and does not require serious commitment or changes, rather the opportunity to grow into more self-awareness and a healthier energetic focus.

RootEmotive means to arouse an intense feeling, from within your root. Let that be either your root chakra, or the root of the cause of whatever it is you are wanting to change or heal within yourself. Together with Megan’s guidance, you will heal and take back control of your energetic and holistic health.

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