About RootEmotive

“It is the RootEmotive which initiates the opening of self awareness, guiding you into ultimate and everlasting healing, all beginning within yourself.”

My name is Megan Simpson, some know me as Megs, and my business encompasses healing through both nutrition and/or Reiki therapy. I’m able to use my education, experience and unique skill set to help others live their lives as healthy, balanced and full of energy as possible. Everyone is unique in how they live their life, the choices they make and what they respond to. With my methods I’m able to tap into the root of the causes of unhealthy, unbalanced, blocked energy, nutrient deficiencies, illness, allergies, as well as many other related issues people deal with on a daily basis.

Through holistic nutrition and/or Reiki therapy we will work together to help you find everlasting healing. My methods are to heal from within out, from the root of the cause. Healing cannot occur if you only treat the symptoms, you must work from within the body in order for true healing to take place and to remain. Together we will figure out a perfect plan for each of you.

Looking at your whole state of being, how you came to be in the state you are, and what you desire or the healing you need is what we will work on thoroughly. You have to take into account not only your daily dietary habits, lifestyle and emotional state, but you must assess the environmental toxins that surround you as well as energy balance (chakras) within your own body. When your chakras become closed or blocked that is when disease and unrest can and will unfortunately occur.

Through Reiki and/or nutrition we can balance your chakras, release all energy which no longer serves you for your highest good, reclaim your healing energy, and change your dietary and lifestyle habits for the better. Reiki is a great method of healing for so many different things, some of which include injury, immobility, illness, lack of energy, stress, insomnia, reproduction complications, cancer, etc.

I offer services that range from an initial in-person nutritional consultation, home cleanses, to Reiki healing sessions with and without the use of Doterra essential oils. My services for Reiki are listed on my page, and my services for nutrition are complex and occur with continuing consultations as we progress over a period of time with your dietary healing. My rates are also unbeatable as compared with most Reiki and nutrition services around!

I have many helpful tools at my finger tips for both methods of healing. I’m a diploma certified holistic nutrition therapy practitioner from the Nutrition Therapy Institute of Denver, and I am a Reiki Master with certification from the Body Mind Energy Center in Lakewood.

To make an appointment with me please feel free to call or email me anytime except after 9 pm and before 6 am everyday of the week. For nutritional therapy with new clients I will hold initial in-person consultations with you at a local coffee or tea shop close to both of us. From there, we will build on a relationship, and develop other options for where we can consult and work together. I can also administer Reiki therapy anywhere as I have a portable table (massage table). I do also have my own Reiki room at my home which is perfectly set up for healing.

If you feel you need to make a big, committed change in your diet, lifestyle, and energy, seeking improved health that may stem from many different ailments from celiac disease to fibromyalgia, gut inflammation, acid reflux, headaches, insomnia, reproductive set backs etc., you can absolutely achieve it! You have to care enough about how you feel day to day and about how you want to feel. You are the only one that can make these changes for YOU. You can stop suffering and you can be the best YOU possible!

Do not give in or give up, ever!¬†It’s never too late to start, and with effort and determination, you are absolutely able to turn things around. Make the first move by contacting me and witness the beauty of how everything falls into place when you are creating your best YOU!